Atlantic City Task Force Group

Beata ANTON, Cultural Anthropologist.

Member since 2017. Graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Currently a PhD student at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Traveller and author of academic publications. Interested especially in cultures and languages of Mesoamerica. Lives in Vantaa, Finland.

Krystyna BALISZEWSKA, Polish Linguist.
Member since 1989. 1989-1991 Director’s Assistant. Deputy Director of PAES/PATE since 1992. Editor-in-Chief of the Society’s Anthropological Papers, co-editor (with Andrew Wala) of both books containing the seminar papers. Chair of the Board of Directors.
Contact (609)431-1231
Jerzy CZYZ
Jerzy CZYZ, Mining Engineer.
Member since 1990-2011, 2015-. Previous Web Page Designer.
Contact (609)505-1431 cell
Marcin GORKA
Marcin GORKA, Realty Agent.
Member since 1994. Member of the Board of Directors 2011-2014.
Contact (609)816-1053 cell
Genowefa LICHON
Genowefa LICHON, Chief of the Technical and Culinary Service of PAES/PATE.
Member since 1994. Highly distinguished in the technical preparation of the Evenings of Poetry, the culinary and esthetic service of Christmas Party, the culinary service of our seminars, and in supervision of the Society's books sell.
Contact (609)487-1550
Henryk PATERAK, Lawyer.
Member since 1991. Distinguished in administrative works. Editor of the Polish text of the PAES/PATE Constitution & By-laws. Elected as Secretary General of PAES/PATE 2011-2014". Member of the Board of Directors 2011-2014.
Contact (609)822-4701
Adam PIEKARSKI, Economist. Anthropologist.
Member since 2011. Graduate of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. Author of several scholarly texts on North American Indians. Organizer of the International Conferences: “In the Spirit of Crazy Horse?” (Oct. 19, 2007) and “The Trail of Broken Treaties” (Oct. 21, 2009). Lives in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
Maria I. SNOW
Maria I. SNOW, Human Resources Specialist.
Member since 1988. 1988-1992 supervisor of PAES/PATE Dept. of Social Services.
Contact (609)348-5934
Adam STROZYK, Electrical Engineer.
Member of the Society since 1989. Highly distinguished in social works for the Society's cultural events. Lives in Margate, NJ, USA.
Contact (609)487-6663
Andrzej J.R. WALA
Andrzej J.R. WALA, Historian.
Founder and member of the Society since 1976. Executive Director of PAES/PATE from 1985 until present. Author of 15 presentations at the seminars. Co-editor (with Krystyna Baliszewska) of the Anthropological Papers and both books containing the seminar papers. Since 1988 licenced Notary Public in the State of New Jersey. Author of the book of poems "Cały mój grzech", a collection of satirical rhymes "Rymiki bluźniercze i bezwstydne", a collection of radio speeches "Z Atlantic City mówi do Państwa..." and "Z Atlantic City mój śpiew łabędzi". Lives in Ventnor, NJ, USA.
Contact (609)487-8999, (609)892-8967
Barbara WALA
Barbara WALA, Agrotechnician.
Member since 1985. 1985-1994 the PAES/PATE Treasurer. Distinguished in the administrative works, preparations of yearly Christmas Parties, and seminars. Member of the Board of Directors 2011-2014. Lives in Ventnor, NJ, USA
Contact (609)487-8999