Commentaries and Postulates

Our Association has reached a point where we need to pause, take a breath and deliberate about its future. We need to look into the past, let the 40 years of Association legacy inspire us, and bring out everything that could contribute to the success in the future. We need to examine current methods of operation and propose new ones. We need to review our mission, goals and aims to formulate them anew in a way that would promise to bring us new members, sympathizers, researchers.

Research conducted with the support of the Association resulted in 21 seminars and many publications. This is a lasting legacy of the Association.  Experiences of the last seminar, however, show clearly that the future development of the Association requires an influx of new members with new ideas, broader research interests, and maybe new forms of operation.

Members of the Association were focusing on research on a culture and history of American Indians of North and South America. The time has come to broaden the field of interests. We live in a global world in which knowledge about different cultures became necessary to understand current events and contemporary processes. Our own ways of assimilation (or lack thereof) into the American society could be very interesting as a research subjects.

We invite all the members of the Association to the open discussion about current state of affairs, a direction we should take from now.  Your opinion about the following proposals will be extremely valuable and any addition to them greeted with appreciation.

- Enlarging the sphere of interest beyond Native American issues
- Research on our own – culture and history of  Polish Americans and their ways to assimilation

- Promoting anthropology
- Promoting knowledge about American Indians among Polonia
- Promoting our own patron Bronislaw Malinowski and other Polish anthropologist who spend time in US.
- Encouraging, present among us, travelers to share their deepened knowledge about the people and culture of the region they visited.
- Trips to places important for Polonia and important to Native Americans
- Photo exhibits – (also virtual)  - from travels
- Virtual museum on our website

We need to consider forms of cooperation with others Polish American organizations.

All your comments about our website and our Facebook profile will be greatly appreciate


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