Mark 'Quiet Hawk' Gould
Mark "Quiet Hawk" Gould
The energetic leader of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indians, who, in 1970', collaborating with Betty and Harry Jacksons, invoked the tradition of the Indian ancestry of the, so called, "color" inhabitants of Gouldtown, NJ, and organized - in Cumberland and Salem Counties - all who admitted their native roots. Beginning with 1974, thanks to his initiative, the "Invisible Indians" of South Jersey began to unite as a group, which in 1982 gained the State recognition as a revived "tribe" of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indians. Quiet Hawk Gould is a tireless-one in the fight for regaining the native tradition, recovering the Indian identity, and the rights for Native Americans, and he is also a close friend of our Society. Thanks to him the Ethnologists and Historians of PAES/PATE could open their anthropological research with the members of the united community, which served - in other aspect - to bring the attention of the Poles, as well as the Americans, to the fact that the Native Inhabitants of New Jersey, the Indians, survived, despite a ruthless pressure of the invaders. In our opinion, after departure of the late James "Lone Bear" Revey, Mark "Quiet Hawk" Gould is the most eminent Indian activist in the State of New Jersey. With this short note we want to pay a homage to the hero of our "Profiles", and express to him our gratitude and friendship.
Jerzy Kolakowski
Jerzy Kolakowski, ex deputy chief (wicestarosta) of Kolobrzeg district. Since the Local Elections, 2010, mayor (wójt) of Ustronie Morskie.
Member of PAES/PATE since 1987, and, at the same time a camera operator for the major Polish American Television Program "Kalejdoskop Polonijny" in Philadelphia, PA.
Thanks to his enthusiasm, the power of persuasion, and his real vital energy the Society recruited very valuable new members: Ewa Dzurak and Aleksander Podolak. Jerzy with his wife, Iwona, was most instrumental in organizing artistic events for PAES/PATE Art & Entertainment Dept. namely a meeting with Jacek Fedorowicz, famous Polish political satirist, and of poetic evenings with Barbara Nazarkiewicz. Even today, after so many years, our Society can always count on his sincere help and dedicated friendship.
Aleksander Podolak
Aleksander Podolak
Aleksander Podolak, a stage and film actor. Many years standing member of PAES/PATE, he is highly distingushed in elevating its Department of Art & Entertainment to much higher levels. Thanks to his work, as an Independent Director of that department, the Society gained its popularity at the Polish American cultural salons, and the ethnic television and radio. His unforgettable creation in "Powiesc o rozumnej dziewczynie" /"Tale of a Judicious Maiden"/ (with Aleksander's beautiful and rousing own music), or, the excellent interpretation of Andrew Wala's 20-minute monologue "Sind Sie ein Pole?" will remain always in the memories of spectators. Currently Aleksander lives in Poland where he has to find time for his stage appearences and a television productions (in such popular series as "Fala zbrodni" or "Przeznaczenie"). We invite you to visit Wikipedia and the web-pages of the mentioned TV series.